What is Embassy University?

Embassy University is committed to the high calling of training every student to experience success in five vital areas of life:

  1. Being a successful Person with character and skills
  2. Being a successful Provider in making and managing money
  3. Being a successful Persuader in communicating truth
  4. Being a successful Partner in marriage
  5. Being a successful Parent in training up sons and daughters who are "mighty upon the earth."

At the core of Embassy University there are 101 unit studies, currently in development by the founder, Dr. Bill Gothard. They also will expand and deepen the seven Basic principles of life given in the Basic Seminar. The entire Embassy curriculum is built on forty-nine commands of Christ, which transcend all nationalities, cultures, religions, and political systems. However, the greatest reward is intimately knowing the Lord Jesus Christ by learning all forty-nine of his commands. (See John 14:21.)

A New Approach

Embassy University is a concept fifty years in the making! It offers a "new" approach to a university degree and has the potential of becoming the largest and most practical university in the world! Due to the powerful Biblical truths being presented, Embassy University offers non-accredited degrees that will ensure students gain practical wisdom that will help prepare them for all spheres of work and ministry. Embassy University is based online, which gives students the flexibility of taking courses anywhere in the world!

As an Embassy student you will have access to more than fifty years of research and to the treasury of teaching resources of the Institute in Basic Life Principles and the Advanced Training Institute, as well as other essential resources to complete your Christian education.